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The Sun Star is the student-run weekly newspaper of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The Sun Star is the result of a merger between the two former UAF newspapers—the Journalism department’s newspaper, The Northern Sun, and the independently –run student newspaper, The Polar Star. Although the first news publication at UAF was printed in 1948, the Sun Star was not created until the mid-late 90s.

The Sun Star is a news publication staffed and produced by students. The paper is run by the Editor-in-Chief, who managers a staff of approximately five editors and 15-20 reporters. Together, the team produces approximately 25 issues for the entire school year.

However, we cannot possibly produce the paper all by ourselves. We have a faculty advisor appointed by the Journalism department, and many other important individuals who provide constructive criticism and advice on the current state of the newspaper, as well as its future.

The Sun Star is funded by ad revenue and by a share of student fees from the student government fee. We receive 13 percent of the $35 ASUAF/student government fee that each student who is enrolled in at least three credits, pays each semester.

We are currently located in the Wood Center in room 123 (formerly known as the ASUAF Senate Chambers) due to construction.

The Sun Star is a student-run newspaper who writes for the students. We try to do our best to cover events that students want to read and report on issues that students need to know—so don’t be afraid to let us know how we’re doing. We are always grateful for your feedback, both negative and positive!

We hope you enjoy reading the Sun Star!


The Sun Star Staff


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The objectives of the Sun-Star are:

A. To provide UAF students and the campus community with a stimulating , interesting, and professionally produced student newspaper.
B. To provide a realistic and practical journalism workshop experience for students.
C. To provide an outlet or mechanism to insure freedom of press and thought for the students of UAF.
D. To emphasize UAF campus news and other information of particular interest to the campus.

Sun-Star Publication Board Governance Agreement

Between the Associated Students of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and the UAF Department of Journalism and Broadcasting, February 1998


Sun-Star Publication Board Governance Agreement PDF

* as of November 2016

Publication Board Membership

Brian O’Donoghue

Charles Mason

Dawson Mann

Vacant (Senate Appointment)

Vacant (Public Member)

Robin Ellis (Ex-Officio)