Rise Board

RISE Board

Rise Board


The Review of Infrastructure, Sustainability and Energy (RISE) Board was created for the purpose of considering and creating proposals on how to use the monies generated by the Student Sustainability fee to the benefit of all UAF students, location non-withstanding. The RISE board is made up of active students and faculty appointed by recognized departments and clubs. Members are tasked with the extensive scientific review of proposals, presentations of formal proposals, as well as maintaining budget transparency in an organized and insightful way. All proposals are brought to a vote within this board.


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In order to promote the Investment in energy efficiency programs  and renewable energy projects, to develop the opportunities for student in sustainability projects, and to provide  direction to the decision- making authority for the use of Student Initiative for Renewable Energy Now (SIREN) fees, we do hereby establish the ASUAF Review of Infrastructure, Alaska Fairbanks, hereinafter known as ” RISE Board,” The board is responsible for ensuring that funds collected for the SIREN fee forward projects for the betterment of UAF students. These projects are to be sustainable in nature and a preference will be given to projects or programs which reduce UAF’s non-renewable energy consumption

RISE Board Governance Agreement

The Review of Infrastructure, Sustainability and Energy (RISE) Board


RISE Board Governance Agreement PDF

*as of September 2016

RISE Board Membership

Taylor Gofstein (Chair)

Ashley Paulus

James McLean

Lorenzo Mendoza

Sam Altenburger

Natasia Caole

Sarah Stanley

Chris VanDyck

Wyatt Hurlbut

Joshua Greenburg

Dawson Mann