Office Manager and Advisor

The ASUAF Office Manager and Advisor is in charge of the day to day business within the ASUAF Office. They operate on a dual front; As Office Manager they ensure that the office is properly stocked with supplies, funds are being properly utilized as decided by the Senate, and that overall decorum is maintained within the office environment. As Advisor they attend weekly meetings with UAF, ASUAF, and Governance group leadership, provide counsel and guidance to ASUAF officials, and serve as an Ex-Officio Representative on the ASUAF Senate.

Ronnie Houchin

(907) 474-5153



The ASUAF Clerk is responsible for the administrative proceedings of the ASUAF Senate as well as assists the Office Manager in maintaining the ASUAF Office. They ensure that the Senate meeting minutes are taken, that all Legislation is printed out and signed, and that office supplies is properly stocked and decorum is monitored in the ASUAF Office.

Emily Humphrey

(907) 474-7355