The ASUAF Senate is the legislative body of ASUAF and is comprised of fourteen students from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The Senate meets every Sunday during the academic year (unless otherwise noted) at 4:15pm in Wood Center C/D, located on your right as you enter the Wood Center.

Senators are responsible for:

    • Allocating fee money and passing the annual ASUAF Budget each spring.
    • Approving all Senate and Presidential appointments.
    • Voting on all legislation and many other actions taken by the Senate.
    • Attending all ASUAF Senate meetings, and serving on at least one Senate Committee.
  • Serving two weekly office hours in the ASUAF office.

Senators are expected to participate in one of the following committees during their tenure:

    • Rules Committee
    • Finance Committee
    • University Relations Committee
  • Student and Academic Affairs Committee

Become a Senator!


(Located in the Wood Center by the Arcade)

Meet Our Senators

James Miller

ASUAF Senate Chair

Senate Seat N

Rodolfo Garcia

Rules Committee Chair

Senate Seat G

Billy Morrow

Finance Committee Chair

Senate Seat I

Meredith McMahon

Student & Academic Affairs Committee Chair

Senate Seat J

Tristan O’Donoghue

University Relations Committee Chair

Senate Seat L


Senate Seat B

Emily Humphrey

Senate Seat C

Everett Darrow

Senate Seat D

Hope Uele

Senate Seat E

Micah Schoonover

Senate Seat F


Senate Seat H

Wyatt Parker

Senate Seat K


Senate Seat m