Senate Committees

Duties of the Committee Chairs

The duty of the committee chair is to preside over committee meetings. Each committee chair is responsible for scheduling weekly meeting times and recording the minutes. The committee chairs make up the Rules Committee, along with the Rules Committee Chair.


Time and locations are subject to change. Please check our Calendar for updates.


The Rules Committee plans the biannual retreat, where the ASUAF bylaws and rules of procedure are reviewed.  They also review all legislation that proposes changes to these documents.

Meeting Time: Sunday @ 3pm

Location: ASUAF Office – Senate Chambers

Committee Chair: Von Hafften

Current Members: Lebechi, Ramstad, Haeg,


The Finance Committee makes funding recommendations to the Senate regarding the student travel applications.  The committee reviews the ASUAF budget each spring and reviews all legislation proposing the allocation of funds.

Meeting Time:

Location: ASUAF Office – Senate Chambers

Committee Chair: Lebechi

Current Members:

University Relations

The University Relations Committee deals with issues and events that affect ASUAF regarding university, systemwide, and political administration. The committee works in conjunction with the Coalition of Student Leaders and the ASUAF Government Relations Council.

Meeting Time: 

Location: ASUAF Office – Senate Chambers

Committee Chair: Haeg

Current Members:

Student & Academic Affairs

The Student & Academic Affairs Committee works in conjunction with the Student Advocacy Department in dealing with student grievances and issues around campus. The committee plans various events during the academic year and generates questions to ask students during the general elections.

Meeting Time: 

Location: ASUAF Office – Senate Chambers

Committee Chair: Ramstad

Current Members: