Student Advocacy Director


Duties of the Student Advocacy Director

(per ASUAF Bylaws)

940. Duties of the Student Advocacy Director

941.1 Serve as the designated student ombudsman of the student body.

941.2 Establish working relationships with university student rights and advocacy organizations.

941.3 Handle all student complaints and suggestions in collaboration with the ASUAF President.

941.4 Be visible and accessible to the student body and serve as a source of information to students
concerning the policies, rules and regulations of ASUAF, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

941.5 Complete all university violence prevention, advocacy, and confidentiality trainings as determined by the ASUAF President.

941.6 To serve as the primary ASUAF student representative on all Academic and Grade Appeals Committees.

941.7 To serve as the primary student representative at the Faculty Senate Student Academic Development & Achievement Committee.

What can the Student Advocacy Director help you with?

  • Handle individual or collective grievances with UAF faculty, staff, or administration
  • Discuss academic and student success resources available throughout UAF
  • Provide insight and clarification regarding ASUAF, UAF, and Board of Regents rules, policies, and regulations
  • Raise student concerns to the ASUAF Senate or the Executive for immediate action